Our Products & Services


The first product we are working on is a follow-up of PoultryBot. PoultryBot itself was presented in December 2015 by Wageningen University as the first autonomous robot for poultry house applications world wide and the result of the Automation for Poultry Production project. More details on the PoultryBot can be found in the PhD-thesis of Bastiaan Vroegindeweij (2018). Video’s are on the YouTube channel of the Farm Technology Group.

As PoultryBot was merely a research product, it lacked several major features that are required for continuous operation in a poultry house. Currently, we are working on a new version of PoultryBot that counters all these limitations and thereby is able to operate standalone in a modern aviary poultry house, for example for the collection of floor eggs.


Custom developments and consultancy

Next to the PoultryBot, we also offer custom developments in the domain of livestock robots. Several parties already contacted us to do part of their R&D work in this field. If you have a good idea in area of livestock robotics and automation, but lack the knowledge of technology, get in contact with us, and we’ll see what we can offer you.


Engineering work and knowledge transfer

Next to our robotics and automation development work, we can also provide you with engineering staff or specific education, where possible tailored to your needs. Just contact us with your needs!